One flat monthly price based on four factors.
No more guessing at what your next bill will look like.


We estimate your monthly transaction volume by looking at the following line-items, applicable to your service package, over a period of no less than 3 consecutive months:

Check        Journal Entry        Deposits        Payment (Invoice)
Expense        Invoices            Bill Payment    Bills

*We determine an estimate by reviewing your books. If you have any confidentiality concerns, we are happy to address that.


We understand that a small business goes through various changes and financial information are used in different ways. So, we offer clients the choice of having their services provided monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or as much as every other day. 

You choose what makes sense for your business!


Types of services

Traditional bookkeeping is the very basic service we provide. Client can pick and choose any other services we offer to add-on, therefore, creating a service package for your business at a cost for your business budget. Our services include:

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts Payable Management

Payroll Management

Financial Reporting

Please visit our SERVICE page for more details for each of the above.


Different types of business often require different types of accounting and bookkeeping know-how. 

For example, real estate accounting differs from non-profit accounting. Government contractors with prime contracts need to meet different accounting requirements than commercial professional services companies.

Whether you need help tracking sales tax, job costing, fund accounting, or meeting any other accounting requirements, we are equipped with the knowledge to assist you. 

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to get the conversation started!