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Small business owners don't have the time to keep perfect books and stay stress free. Our team of experts can help you keep thorough track of all accounts and develop the insights you need to help your business grow. We offer dedicated bookkeepers and account managers to keep you organized and stress free. Our mission is to deliver prompt, transparent, and empowering support to enhance the lives of small business owners.


About Us

Count Em Beans was founded by Tiffany Kao in late 2011 to create better foundational accounting and bookkeeping for small and medium sized businesses. We saw countless business owners expecting too much from administrative staff in way of accounting services and similarly business owners getting lost with overcomplex CPA's. We took this as an opportunity to create a firm that helps businesses get through each and every aspect of accounting with a professional guiding them through various stages of growth. Additionally, small business owners often struggle as they outgrow the bookkeepers that they have used since the first started of their companies and are unsure when to switch. Our foundations in accounting allow us to help with a suite of back of house management including cutting checks, handling vendors, invoicing, employees, payroll, and much more.

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Our Guarantees

With all of projects we want to ensure the top quality for each of our clients. The following are our pillars:

Timely Delivery - We consolidate, close, and give you insights on your books each month on the date we promise. No exceptions.

No Surprise Billing - Our pricing is designed to be transparent. Our rates are flat price to make things easy to budget for and easy to understand.

Company Support - Our team is here to help you grow. Each and every person will guide you to make efficient back-of-house management stress free.

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