Welcome to the Co-Op Model of Accounting


At Count'Em Beans, our main priority is providing an efficient working relationship, a scalable accounting platform, and a level of customer service that is always focused on our customer’s bottom-line. We integrate fast, our level of detail is consistent, and our services are geared to working with both owners and CFO’s to put their company’s accounting needs on our Co-Op accounting platform.


Our Co-Op Model

Count Em Beans was founded to be uniquely suited for businesses owners and CFO’s looking to bring in a team of accounting experts with experience quickly integrating our "Co-Op" model of accounting. Our "Co-Op" model is designed to work seamlessly with your accounting platform, mitigate risks, reduce inefficiencies, and overall help you focus on achieving more strategic objectives for your business. It's a fresh take on accounting for business owners and CFO's built on tested and vetted accounting systems to replicate the very best in accounting for your organization. Our "Co-Op" model allows you and your team to strategize and focus on the business rather than being stuck in day-to-day accounting chores.

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We serve businesses not seeking to reinvent the wheel that is accounting, but instead are looking to quickly acheive accounting stability through utilizing a model of service that was built with trusted and tested industry best practices. From companies with historically in-house accounting looking to achieve consistent and reliable accounting to prevent "turn-over shock," to companies with ambition that are looking to scale and are looking for a agile tactical partner to be on top of day-to-day accounting tasks, our "Co-Op" model of accounting was built for you.



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Our Promise

With all of projects we want to ensure the top quality for each of our clients. The following are our pillars:

Timely Delivery - We consolidate, close, and give you insights on your books each month on the date we promise. No exceptions.

No Surprise Billing - Our pricing is designed to be transparent. Our rates are flat price to make things easy to budget for and easy to understand.

Company Support - Our team is here to help you grow. Each and every person will guide you to make efficient back-of-house management stress free.

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